How do I get information on other clubs around the state, county and world?

Call the International Office in Indiana, 1-800-KIWANIS or go to www.Kiwanis.org on the web.

Where can I get contact information for other clubs in the Birmingham area?

View the Alabama District web site at Alabama.Kiwanis.org. Choose the MENU button on the top right / scroll to the CLUB LISTING  tab and choose DISTRICT LISTING / choose Club Locator: Find a Club link and add your zip code.  A map with area clubs will appear along with a detailed listing below with dates and times of meetings in your specified area.

You may also call the District Office in Homewood at 205-945-1334 or email the District Secretary at Dist_Secretary@alkiwanis.org

How do you become one of the organizations that receives funds from your Club foundation?

Call the Club office 205-251-0032 to request a Foundation Grant application form. The Projects Evaluation committee meets once a year in December to make recommendation for funding. The deadline for receiving a request is October 15.

Does your Club have annual fundraisers and what are they?

The Birmingham Kiwanis Club does not participate in fundraisers at this time, however we do conduct an annual campaign among our membership. All proceeds from the annual campaign are added to the BKF corpus. The interest from the corpus of our Club Foundation is used to make contributions to local 501 (c)(3)organizations.

How many members does the Kiwanis Club have?

The Kiwanis Club of Birmingham is the largest in the world with over 550 members. There are 295,892 Kiwanians Worldwide.

How do I join a Kiwanis Club?

Each club has a different process. Generally, it is best to call the District Office to begin the process in order to find a club close to you. Club meeting dates and times may also be found at http://alabama.kiwanis.org then choose “Club Listing” for a directory by name and division.  The Kiwanis Club of Birmingham is located in Division 6 – Division 5 also includes clubs in the Birmingham metropolitan area.

How do I donate to the Kiwanis Club?

A donation to the foundation is always appreciated. Checks should be made payable to the Birmingham Kiwanis Foundation. You may donate online by credit or debit card at the link on each page of our website (see “DONATE” button). We would also like to know where to send an acknowledgement.

What is the most popular committee?

Our Youth of the Year Scholarship Program and the Birmingham Business Hall of Fame Committee get the most votes.

Can children be in the Kiwanis Club?

No, but we do have K-Kids (Grammar School), Builders Club (Middle School), Key Club (High School) and Circle K (College) for our youths.

What is the mission of Kiwanis?

Kiwanis is a global organization of volunteers dedicated to improving the world one child and one community at a time.

Is Kiwanis for men only?

No, women are a big part of the organization and they hold leadership positions.

How long has The Kiwanis Organization been in existence?

Kiwanis International celebrated their 100th Anniversary in 2015.  Prior to 1920, Kiwanis was a copyright name owned by one person, Allen Browne, and was a business organization. At the 1920 International Convention in Birmingham, Alabama, the members voted to change to a service organization and adopted a motto of “We Build.”

Are there membership dues to be in the club?

Yes, each club has a different financial requirement which usually includes a dues structure.

Does Kiwanis use an advertising agency?

YES, The Birmingham Kiwanis Club utilizes the design services of Walls New Media.

Why does this site display poorly on my monitor?

There are several reasons for this occurrence. The most frequent issue is screen resolution. Older computers are set with low screen resolution. (probably 640×480 at 32 bit color) The current defector standard is 800×600 at true color.